Don’t Fear the Participles!

Mastering These 10 Russian Words for Richer Expression.
Have you ever struggled with Russian participles? You’re not alone! Many learners find them confusing, but here’s the secret: native speakers use them all the time, in casual conversations and formal writing.

This post unveils 10 common participles to add to your vocabulary and boost your fluency. We’ll explore words like “бывший” (former), “наболевший” (pressing issue), and “уставший” (tired), with example sentences to show them in action.

Get ready to ditch the fear and embrace the power of participles in your Russian journey!

Пять минут. Выпуск 32. AI в фильме “Приключения Электроника”

Привет! Это подкаст “Пять минут” и я, Евгения Власова. Новый сезон подкаста я хочу посвятить вопросу, который мне задают чаще всего: что почитать и что посмотреть? Когда я только начинала записывать свой подкаст, я хотела помочь тем, кто перерос учебники для иностранцев, найти интересные книги и фильмы на настоящем русском языке. В новом сезоне я

Russian Idioms: Going into the Depths of the Mind

Ever wondered why we use colorful phrases to describe our mental struggles? Dive into the fascinating world of Russian idioms that paint a picture of the labyrinthine workings of the human mind!

In this post, we’ll explore gems like “шевели извилинами” (stir your convolutions) – a quirky way to tell someone to think hard. We’ll also delve into “голова не варит” (my brain isn’t cooking), the perfect expression for those moments when your mind goes on strike.

Stay tuned for more mind-bending idioms and discover how Russians express frustration, confusion, and the burden of self-inflicted problems!

Talk Like a Literary Critic: Master Russian Vocabulary for Discussing Books

Do you dream of discussing your favorite Russian novels with friends, but struggle to find the right words? Fear not, bookworm! This post equips you with the essential vocabulary to talk about characters, plot, setting, and more. Unravel the secrets of “kniga” (book) and impress everyone with your literary prowess! Dive in and discover a world of engaging conversation – all in Russian.

Kermit the frog sits on the paved road and reads a book about Kermit the frog

Words to Describe Books and People (C1)

C1 learners, fear not! Unlock versatile vocabulary with the prefix “без-,” meaning “without.” Describe novels as “безвкусный” (tasteless) or “беспристрастный” (unbiased). Explore dark worlds with “безрадостный” (joyless) or lighthearted ones with “безобидный” (harmless). Find treasures with “бесценный” (invaluable) and classics with “бессмертный” (immortal). Master these and conquer advanced vocabulary!